Cinelerra – The Forgotten Guide | A Cinelerra Manual

Cinelerra Manual

Cinelerra is hands down the best free video production software I’ve used on Linux. But you already knew that. You’ve read this on blogs, on and you’ve seen it from many of Cinelerra’s users. You may have even tried to use it. But if you’ve tried to use it, you may not have been able to get very far. Cinelerra has had a steep learning curve. This is Cinelerra – The Forgotten Guide to get intermediate Linux users up and running to use this powerful video production software.  This Cinelerra tutorial shows everything from installation, importing videos, encoding, to special effects.

  1. Installation – Quick and Dirty
  2. Run Cinelerra
  3. Import Videos
  4. Place Media on Tracks for Use
  5. Rendering Output and Creating Video Files
  6. Editing Tracks
    1. Track Editing
    2. In/Out Points
    3. Composit with Newly Created Clips
  7. Effects and Transitions Intro
    1. Add Default Transitions Between Clips on a Track
    2. Use Keyframes to make Image track fade in
    3. Add Brightness/Contrast Effect to Video Track
    4. Use Keyframes to move the Image track across the screen
    5. Motion Stabilization on shaky footage
    6. Selective Temporal Averaging cleans up noisy footage
  8. Advanced Video Effects
    1. Motion Tracking – One of the “coolest” tricks

Motion Effect Stabilizes Video

Selective Temporal Averaging Cleans up Noisy Video

Motion Tracking


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