Cinelerra – The Forgotten Guide | Animate with Keyframes

Disable Previous Effects
Continuing with the example, now you will animate moving the image across the video. Arm only the Image track. Make sure that Fade is checked under the View menu. This will allow you to see the keyframes for the opacity. Click the Fit autos to display button . This rescales the keyframe lines so that they fit easily on the track. Scroll in to the beginning of the track. Right-click on the first keyframe for opacity (a white diamond) and choose Delete keyframe. Now go to the 1 second mark and delete this keyframe as well.

Move Image Across Video
Turn on keyframes . Go to the 1 second position of the track. In the Compositor window, select Projector automation ¬†and Show tool info . Drag the image across the Compositor to the left side of the video (you must actually move the image, even if it’s already where you want it, or the keyframe will not be created). The values in the tool info box will change as you move the image. Go to the end of the image track. The image may not show now, but the red box with the X in it will. This will happen because Cinelerra always shows the next frame. If you’re at the end of the track, then the last frame on the track is behind the cursor. Now drag the image to the right side of the video. The values in the info box will change again. Now go back to the beginning and play this in the Compositor.

A little explanation is needed here. The first keyframe was created at the 1 second mark. Since there were no keyframes created before this one, Cinelerra assumes the same values of the first keyframe on the track. So for the first 1 second of track, the image stays at the left side of the screen. When Cinelerra reaches a point between the two keyframes, then it begins moving the track.

Zoom Effect
Zoom is another animation effect we can create with keyframes. Go to the beginning of the track and double the Z value in the tool infor box. Go to the 1 second mark and set the Z value back to what you had it before. Now the image will start large and zoom out, then it will move across the video.

Cinelerra Effects / Transitions


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