Cinelerra – The Forgotten Guide | In/Out Points

What are In/Out Points?
The In point  and Out point  are used to specify a part of the timeline that Cinelerra should work on for the tracks which are armed. They can be used to tell Cinelerra to only render a part of the timeline or to tell Cinelerra to only apply an effect to the timeline between the In point and the Out point. This makes more sense than using the mouse to highlight an area of the timeline because it is more “sticky” than a mouse selection and easier to use than trying to get the mouse pinpointed to an exact place on the timeline.

Use the In/Out Points
Often times your clips will have footage at the beginning and the end which is not useful. You can use the In/Out points to choose the footage in the middle of the clip which is actually interesting. Go ahead and find a point in the timeline (not at the beginning) that you want to use as your starting point for the output video. You can click in the timeline to go directly to a place or you can use the slider in the Compositor window. Now click the In point button  on the toolbar to set in the In point. A green icon should appear showing the In point on the timeline. Now find a place near the end of your clip to end at and click the Out point button  on the toolbar. You could now render the output with just the footage between the In/Out points.


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