XWinLogon Windows X Server

Based on the popular Cygwin environment for Windows, this is just an interface to the X Server to allow you to connect to another Unix/Linux box from your Windows computer. It supports SSH, XDMCP, RSH, SSH Compression, backing store, OpenGL, windows clipboard integration, single windows mode, multi windows mode, and multi external window manager windows mode. The interface is licensed under the GNU GPL, and all other software is licensed by its respective creators. More can be learned about the software at http://www.cygwin.com. See a screenshot of the software. Also check out the product comparison between XWinLogon, XWin32 and eXceed.

Warning: Do not install this software if you already have Cygwin installed!

To run KDE, the command should be startkde. To run Gnome, the command should be gnome-session.


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