Cinelerra – The Forgotten Guide | Image Fade-In

Previously we had set the transparency of the Image track so that we could see through it. We can use that same technique, but combine it with keyframes, and create a fade effect. Keyframes allow properties to be changed dynamically across the timeline. You will set a keyframe at the beginning with track opacity at 0. Then you will create a keyframe at 1 second with track opacity 100. Cinelerra will automatically calculate the opacity of the frames in between so that you don’t have to go to each individual frame and manually set this.

Set the Keyframes
Rewind  and then Shift-Click the Arm patch  of the Image track to make sure it is the only one armed. Activate keyframes in the main toolbar . Drag the opacity slider for the track all the way down to zero. If viewing Fade is on (see Fade in View menu), then you will see a white line on the track move and a diamond will be placed at the beginning to indicate a keyframe. Now move to 1 second on the timeline. Drag the opacity slider all the way back to 100. Another keyframe is added here, indicated by a diamond, and the white line is no longer straight. The line indicates the value of the opacity across the timeline. If you rewind  and then play the video in the Compositor, you will see the image fade in during the first second of play.

Cinelerra Effects / Transitions


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