Cinelerra – The Forgotten Guide | Basic Transitions

Add a Video Transition
Continuing with the example, arm your Composition 1 track (the track with your two clips on it). Scroll in the timeline so that you can see the point where the two clips meet. You will add a transition between these two clips. In the Resources window, go to the Video Transitions folder. Click and drag the Dissolve transition on top of the track between the two clips. An icon for the transition will now appear on the track. Right click on it and choose Length. Change the transition length from the default 1 second to 0.5 seconds.

Add an Audio Transition
Now arm your audio tracks for your composition. Then go to the Resources window and select the Audio Transitions folder. For each audio track, drag the Crossfade effect where the clips meet.

Cinelerra Effects / Transitions


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