Perdue’s Budget Cuts Teacher Jobs

Governor Bev Perdue’s proposed budget will eliminate teacher jobs by forcing cuts at the County level, avoiding having her name associated with these job losses.

Governor Bev Perdues proposed budget takes serious fiscal action to correct North Carolina’s projected deficit, which is what is needed to correct our state’s more than $2 billion budget shortfall.Governor …   [Continue reading …]

Innovation to WTF (Win The Future)

This is how Obama plans to Win The Future with Green Innovation as explained in his State of the Union address.

Bob Etheridge Recount

Here’s a video about the Bob Etheridge Recount.

Start your own Tea Party!

Don Davis – 2 minutes review by the Greene Tea Party of his run for the NC state Senate.

Ashley Woolard – 2 minutes of a Greene County Tea Party review of Ashley Woolard’s campaign platform.

Van Braxton – a Greene County Tea Party review of Van Braxton in 2 minutes on YouTube.

Greene Tea …   [Continue reading …]

Government is a great health care administrator

Pro-Choice is America

In 1776, Thomas Jefferson and our other forefathers produced the Declaration of Independence, the foundation of our country, our freedom, and our Choice. As a free nation, we declared certain truths to be self-evident and of the natural order, that we have the inalienable Choice of our life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

This …   [Continue reading …]

Full-body airport scanners show much detail in 3D

These full-body scanners are not only a violation of the constitution, they show the body in great detail in 3D. Download the full 3D Blender model.

The images coming out of some of these 3D scanners are apparently what is known as a depth map. Lighter colored areas indicate areas which are closer to …   [Continue reading …]

David Goldhill Health System

If you live in America, and you don’t read anything else on health care, read David Goldhill’s Health System Plan. Join the Facebook group, Advocates for David Goldhill Health Plan. Place health care control back in the hands of the patients, not insurers or government policy. Read it. Good stuff.

Incognito Anonymous Browsing

The TOR Project allows for some very decent anonymous web browsing. One of the best ways to use this is through the Incognito live CD. Put the CD in the drive, reboot the computer, and walaa! You may have to set the time once the computer boots up to get it to work. Note that …   [Continue reading …]

Qemu vs. Qemu+USB Tablet vs. VMPlayer using PCMark05

Qemu vs. Qemu+USB Tablet vs. VMPlayer using PCMark05

Background I have been running a WinXP 32-bit guest on a Debian x86 host computer for some time. I began by using Qemu+KQEMU in -kernel-kqemu mode. I switched to the free vmplayer because I noticed that it was faster than Qemu. When running Qemu, my host processor …   [Continue reading …]