Perdue’s Budget Cuts Teacher Jobs

Governor Bev Perdue’s proposed budget will eliminate teacher jobs by forcing cuts at the County level, avoiding having her name associated with these job losses.

Governor Bev Perdues proposed budget takes serious fiscal action to correct North Carolina’s projected deficit, which is what is needed to correct our state’s more than $2 billion budget shortfall.Governor Perdue has promised not to teacher jobs or teacher assistants in her plan. However, she has moved some education costs such as buying school buses and workers compensation to the Counties so the state won’t have to pay this any more. This will almost certainly result in lost teachers’ jobs but Perdue would be able to blame the Counties and claim immunity.

The education portion of the budget is about 21% so it seems almost certain that education budgets must be cut to balance it. However, today in the news are protests in Wisconsin over teacher jobs that are scaring politicians across the country. Ultimately, Governor Perdue just doesn’t have the courage to put her name on the teacher job cuts she knows are coming.

The budget proposed by Governor Perdue is ultimately a bill that will cut teacher jobs, but Perdue can blame the Counties and attempt to save her political image. This plan is likely to raise a stink in each of our 100 Counties and leave Governor Perdue smelling like a rose.