Full-body airport scanners show much detail in 3D

These full-body scanners are not only a violation of the constitution, they show the body in great detail in 3D. Download the full 3D Blender model.

The images coming out of some of these 3D scanners are apparently what is known as a depth map. Lighter colored areas indicate areas which are closer to the viewer while darker colored areas are further away. This particular model was put together very quickly with a minimal amount of processing. A simple blur effect was applied to the original image, then Blender automatically converted the image to a 3D model. No additional processing was added to the image, but more tweaking and an artist’s touch (I am not an artist) could complete the 3D model to produce something that could be animated.

Many who support the full body scanners do so on the assumption that they are not showing any detail to the viewer. However, the detail shown by this model demonstrates that it is much, much more than we have been led to believe. It is reasonable to believe that images high-profile persons such as celebrities would probably at some point be taken and end up released in some form on the Internet in the way we have seen with many other types of leaks. Images taken of children very likely would be illegal, but of high monetary value considering the high illegality of such images. Ultimately, there would be enough incentive that someone is likely to violate this – it would only be a matter of time.