Visual GWin++ – A Free Visual C++ Compiler

Project Canceled! – Do Not Download!
This project is an excellent example of how dangerous someone with no Win32 programming experience can be. Don’t bother to download this project. Do not sign up for the mailing list. Do not read the documentation. And do not tell anyone else you were here.

Version 0.02 Released!
I have released version 0.02 of Visual GWin++. The goal of version 0.02 was to enable full Save Project/Open Project support. This release is a quick and dirty release, but it functions decently for pre-alpha software. It includes the SciTE editor for full syntax highlighting, etc. Downloads can be found at, packaged with the NSIS installer. See a screenshot of the current release.  The next release will be a redesign of the form designer, minor GWin class changes, Unicode support, and will be built entirely inside of Visual GWin++.

Visual GWin++ has surprisingly proven to be quite stable despite its pre-alpha version. There are a few quirks which need to be fixed and some more user-friendliness that needs to be added but all-in-all, it’s not that bad. This project is based on the MinGW C++ compiler and is aimed at providing an easy to use, visual C++ IDE for Windows development. The project has been created in’s Dev-C++ compiler. This software is released under the GNU GPL and is free software. Visual GWin++ v0.01 has missed its goal of being recreated within itself, and this is planned for version 0.03. Compilers are required to “bootstrap” before they can prove themselves and IDE’s should do the same. GWin++ builds projects into compilable C++ code that can be used with most compilers as long as they link to the GWin library. The GWin class manages windows and their events (messages). Feel free to contact us for comments, suggestions, or if you would like to contribute to this project, just link to this page. Contact us if you are interested in this project and would like to help.

Anyone who builds a project using Visual GWin++ may be able to promote their software on our website. Contact us to request that we post your project.
See XWinLogon Win32 X-Server built in Visual GWin++.


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