Back Link Checker

Check back links using these most popular tools

Nobody has to tell you how important back links are past your first 20 minutes of SEO of your first day learning about SEO.  But anything worth doing is also worth measuring.  These are the top tools used across the industry to measure back link performance.

  1. Open Site Explorer – Checks back links and analyzes the usefulness of the page and domain the link is from.
  2. Majestic SEO – Analyzes back links and back link history over a period of time.  Helps to track how fast back links are growing to your website.
  3. Ahrefs – Provides a breakdown of back links according to IP’s, subnets, and country.  It also keeps track of back link growth and potential site issues.
  4. Backlink Watch – A back link checker that is simple to use.  I often use this to check the back links of other websites and then get back links from the same pages.
  5. WebMeUp Backlink Checker – Back link checker with stats and info on anchor text, etc.


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