Blender Sunsky Texture Plugin GPL

See this sunsky forum thread for discussion of this.

The sunsky concept is from a Utah university research paper. It is a method for inexpensively generating realistic sky textures. Currently Blender supports two versions of sunsky, but only for yafaray. I needed a texture plugin for Blender’s internal renderer, so I am trying to convert from yafaray.

I think that the implementation is accurate, it produces some decent results for now. Anyone wishing to contribute or make suggestions should see the sunsky forum thread.

Some calculations have been added to automatically calculate the sun’s position from date/time/lat/lon inputs. It doesn’t work at all. Feel free to work out what is wrong with that function. It works via manual method anyways so it’s just a bonus. The next things to do are to try and implement Darksky’s sunsky and see if this can be done as a skybox as well.

Older Releases (may work better)


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