Open Letter to District Attorney Earl Taylor of St. Landry Paris, Louisiana

A couple of months ago, my wife and I were visiting our family in southern Louisiana for the baptism of our daughter, Olivia Marie. We had a rental car and the morning after we arrived, Danielle set out to go to the store. On her way there, she was travelling along a highway where the posted speed was 65 mph. Once entering St. Landry Parish, she was almost immediately pulled over by a police officer who gave her a ticket for 75 mph in a 65 mph. We were able to negotiate this ticket down to a non-moving violation. We recently received the plea in the mail to reduce this to a non-moving violation, but at a whopping charge of $281.00. I couldn’t believe it. I understand that if Danielle had broken the law, that she would need to pay a fine. But $281.00 for a non-moving violation? Incredible. Who makes this stuff up? I became very frustrated, and after thinking the situation over, I sent the following letter back with my enclosed payment. The letter was complete with a carefully packaged egg (so as not to break in shipping). Enjoy 😉

Joseph Miller, Concerned and Aggravated U.S. Citizen

April 20, 2006

Mr. Earl Taylor, District Attorney
St. Landry Parish – 27th Judicial District
PO Drawer 1968 – Opelousas, LA 70571-1968

RE: Citation No. 8452572

Dear Mr. Earl Taylor,

I must tell you that I was quite concerned and surprised at the expense of a non-moving violation in your district. However, after careful though, I have determined a manner in which we may keep this fair and alleviate my distress. You will find that I have enclosed the money order for the correct amount in this envelope. Please throw the enclosed egg at your front door at your earliest convenience so that I may feel as though I have made $281.00 worth of violations in your district. I would greatly appreciate this act on your part.

With sincerest regards, I remain,

Joseph Miller
Concerned and Aggravated U.S. Citizen