Your Linkbait Isn’t Working

I could just as easily have called this “How to get free links in 5 minutes for an established site” but the concept is the same.  You’ve built a website, spent an inordinate amount of time writing quality unique content, but you want more incoming links.  All that linkbait isn’t sitting there doing nothing.  It’s probably attracting more attention than you think.  Here’s what to do.

  1. Log in to your Google Webmaster Tools
  2. Navigate to Health -> Crawl Errors  and click on “Not found.”
  3. These are all the pages that people have tried to link to you but mis-typed the link
  4. Create 301 redirects from the broken pages to good pages
  5. You’ve just fixed broken links and made them good links again.

It’s incredible that people have taken the time to link to you but not taken the time to get the link right but it happens all the time.  Recovering these broken links can definitely help boost your SEO rankings and should be checked on a regular basis.

A great way to distribute a large number of links across many pages is to use LinkSpawn.  LinkSpawn crawls entire websites and feeds links via a plugin or RSS to another blog or website.