Anonymous URL Shadowing

Our ShadowBrowser allows you to anonymously surf the web without exposing all of your personal information to the outside world. Many websites will attempt to track you as you surf, tracking every page that you view in order to collect as much information as they can to profile you and sell your information to anyone who wants to purchase it including spammers, government agencies, and a host of other intrusive organizations. Your employer or ISP may be tracking you right now as you view this very web page! Using our anonymous web surfing proxy, you can protect yourself from these invasions of privacy. It doesn’t mean that you are trying to be underhanded, it just means that you want to surf where you want, when you want, with the security and peace of mind that you aren’t being followed.

Blocking your Internet Address
Our ShadowBrowser does several things to protect your internet privacy. When you surf to a web page through our anonymous web surfing ShadowBrowser, your browser asks our website for a particular web page, then our website fetches the webpage and returns it to you. This means that anyone at the website that you are viewing only sees our website, not you or your computer. Our website also blocks most Java, JavaScript, and Flash, which may be used by a web page to attempt to bypass our anonymous web surfing ShadowBrowser and redirect you outside of the ShadowBrowser.

Protecting your Web Surfing History
As you anonymously surf to a web page the URL is encoded, which prevents it from being read by prying eyes or blocked by URL filters. This encoded URL is specific to your computer and only for the duration that your browser is open. As soon as you close all of your browser windows, that URL can no longer be accessed. Should another person attempt to go through your web surfing history later on, they will have no idea which web pages you have been visiting, since both the URL and the page title have been anonymously Shadowed.

Cookie Trails
Cookies are a way for a website to identify your web browser as an individual. As such, they are neither good nor bad. Cookies allow you to log in to a website and for that website to verify that you are the person who logged in. Without cookies, it would be more complex to log in to another website. However, many websites attempt to misuse cookies so that they can track your web surfing habits for months or even years. Our anonymous web surfing ShadowBrowser allows you two options for handling cookies. It can make all cookies temporary so that they are deleted when you close your web browser. This is less secure, but it allows you to still log in to forums and email and have a better browsing experience. The other option is to disable cookies altogether so that no cookie tracking can occur at all.

For more information on what anonymous web surfing proxies do, please read this article. You should also search Google for more information on what an anonymous web surfing proxy does and can provide to you.